Torque – “Hello everyone, Torque here, just to advise that there are some minor changes to Days 15, 16 and 17 Route Information but only for meal arrangement information.”

Website Guy – “Hey! What you doing on my computer?”

Torque – “Well I seen you were busy… doin’ nothing, so I thought I would get this information out to the humans who are on The Rolling Barrage, since you were napping.”

Website Guy – “I wasn’t napping?”

Torque – “Oh, ok, you were imitating a motorcycle then.”

Website Guy – “You are hilarious. Anyway, the updates are primarily meal time information changes to the following:

****August 11th 2023 – Route Information Changes****

Website Guy – “Everyone can download the update Route Information Changes right from the PDF links above.”

Torque – “Or you can go to the Route Information page on The Rolling Barrage website and download them from there too. I just finished making them for everyone.”

Website Guy – “So you enjoying the ride so far Torque?”

Torque – “Yeah, it’s been pretty cool so far. I like seeing all the police cars, trucks and motorcycles, fire trucks and ambulances that show their lights and sirens as we pass by or come to our stops.”

Website Guy – “Absolutely, it has been fantastic the support The Rolling Barrage has received from the First Responder Community as the ride progresses from coast to coast.”

Torque – “Yeah it has been great for sure. Are we going to see more?”

Website Guy -“Oh I am pretty sure we will see more along the way for sure.”

Torque – “Cool! Well I have to run off.”

Website Guy – “See you later Torque, and don’t (slam!) don’t slam the door… on the way out.”

The Rolling PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage